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when you and your partner are ready for more

Are you ready for more passion, vitality, vibrancy and joy in your relationships -- and your life?

If so, you're not alone! At Women to Women, we have helped thousands of women to navigate the complexities of changing bodies and changing lives. As we partnered with women one-on-one (and online) to help restore vitality and wellness, we listened to their stories and a central theme constantly emerged: healthy relationships are an essential component of a healthy life.

When our relationships are unhealthy, not working as well as they could and should be, or are less than we want them to be, the stress, the dissatisfaction, and the frustration take a toll on our physical bodies as well as our mental states.

Vibrant relationships are as important for good physical health as what we eat, balancing getting good rest and healthy physical activity, and giving our bodies the support they require to be there for us day in and day out.

For relationships to survive -- and thrive -- they need the exact same care we give to our physical bodies. Thriving relationships also require us to pay attention to what we feed them, to the balance between individual and shared activity/play and rest/downtime, and to the support our relationships require day in and day out -- because let's face it, relationships are complicated and we all need some support!

We saw first-hand that to be truly healthy, we need to have truly healthy relationships in our lives: the kind that feed and nurture us, the kind that give us pleasure and satisfaction, and the kind that bring us closer to our partners and enhance our joy. So we asked women about they relationships.

We heard you say that you want amazing connections and loving partnerships, but that you don't know how to create them. Maybe you had that at one point and it has faded over time with the responsibilities of caring for children or aging parents, stressful jobs and busy lives.

We heard you say you miss the intimacy and connection you used to have with your partner but don't know how to get it back. Perhaps past struggles, conflicts or disagreements have come between you and built a barrier to getting close.

We heard you say that sex has disappeared or become less satisfying. Perhaps it's lack of time, physical changes in your or your partner's body, or emotional wounds that make it hard to trust or let go.

We heard you want to feel good about yourself and about your partner again but you don't know where to start or how to do it because it just feels overwhelming, too hard or impossible to fix.

Or maybe you've never really had the connection or sex you have desired with your partner but you believe that there can be more than you have right now. You know that if you invest some time and energy, things can get better and you do not want to settle for just ok any more.

You told us you wanted more, but you didn't know where to go to get all the information you might need about revitalizing, restoring or re-creating the sizzle in your relationship. A place that feels safe for you to explore every aspect of your relationship. And a place where your partner can also come to do the same.

We heard you and we looked and looked … but we could not find a resource to share with you that would let you find the answers YOU need, not a one size fits all cookie cutter response to your tough and personal questions. We could not find a one-stop shop that can help you -- and your partner -- to resolve blocks or barriers to a healthy, thriving physical AND emotional relationship.

So because we are so passionate about people living healthy and amazing lives, we knew we had to create this resource for you.

We are so excited to be launching this new forum for men AND women, where we will be sharing everything you need to create and sustain a vibrant, thriving emotional, physical and spiritual relationship with your partner.

We know everyone has a different life story: our childhoods teach us how to prioritize and value money, sex, work ethic, friends, family, relationships and more. Our life events shape us. We enter into a union coming from two very different experiences. And let's face it: men and women are wired differently! So we approach, think, explore, analyze and communicate differently than our partners. But that's ok! We can become even stronger despite our differences, as long as we know and can recognize them and we have the tools and resources we each need to manage conflict, ease struggles, support each other, and communicate our needs and desires effectively.

We're thrilled to invite you to join us on our mission to help you create better, healthier, more satisfying relationships because we KNOW this is going to mean a better, healthier, more satisfying life for both you and your partner. Please join us by entering your email below so that we can begin to share with you the information, resources, videos, newsletters and more that we are creating and developing for you as they become available. We'll let you know as new content is added and we'll also be providing a forum for you to share stories and ask questions so we can fully support you.

We want to hear from you and we will use your questions and your stories to drive the tools, resources and communications we provide. This website is for YOU and we want you to help us create it and make it everything you need it to be.

Life is too short to settle for just OK. You deserve pleasure and play with your partner, deep intimacy and connection, and great conversation where you can openly share and support each other. You deserve more. We can help. Join us today!